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About Erin


Erin's Story

Erin is an environmental educator, photographer and multi-media artist. Her passion for the environment and nature's beauty is the inspiration for all of her work. Erin is surrounded by the beauty of the heath and wallum woodlands in Noosa and this is her studio, wandering, photographing and contemplating. Erin uses many approaches in her art, with printmaking always making an appearance and guiding her practice. The creation of any work is a process and she is driven by this. 

Erin views her art as a tool for conservation. Her wanderings, although loose, are not aimless. They connect her to her surroundings. Surroundings that at any moment could simply disappear. Many of the natural spaces she most feels at peace are mere remnants. Through visual storytelling she hopes to connect nature with people and give both hope. 



October 2023  |  Biodiversity of the Sunshine Coast, Art Exhibition  |  Maroochy Bushland Botanic Gardens  

March 2024  |   Finalist  |  Local Contemporary Art Prize  |  Caloundra Regional Gallery

Image credit: Anthony Lazaro


October 2023 | Runner Up (second), Biodiversity of the Sunshine Coast | Awarded by Dr Sue Davis


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